Masturbation three have to know those

the point health about masturbation tips, masturbation control is very important and masturbation defects and remedy to master.

a the masturbation normal sexual lifestyle

modern society nutritionally adequate, balanced and maturity well in advance of todays adolescent sexual development; Another sign of a civilized society is the average age at marriage increasingly postponed. One can not avoid the contradictions in this blank period naive enough to think through sex education so that is in the most exuberant young life needs to restrain myself is ridiculous! also avoiding problems ostrich policy.

Freud thought, sexual desire demand is a manifestation of the will of life, sex drive is a life energy, when this energy is accumulated to a certain extent when the body there will be excreted demand, this demand is the most natural and reasonable human instinct.


For young people there is no normal sexual partner, masturbation is reasonable sometimes the only sex drive energy Xuanxie of pathways. According to statistics, 90% of the United States above school boys and 75% of girls in school experience of masturbation. masturbation is not like the traditional view that damage to the body, exhausting the contrary, masturbation is a normal maintenance systems necessary incentives in some The older man still has a strong ability of behavior for the survey showed that, when young, had a more normal frequency of sexual activity. with disuse biological principle we should not be unfamiliar. physiologically, men produce the sole purpose of sperm sperm from the body, the final task to carry out its fertility.

two very important to control the amount of masturbation

a common feature of young people is lack of self- force, coupled with masturbation sexual practices is readily available. This poses a real concern, and that is the amount of masturbation.

When young people know and learned masturbation , lack of self-control, they are often easy to indulge in masturbation joy, happiness and not self-reversal, the emergence and over-indulgence, excessive masturbation cause bodily injury.

natural libido demand is an energy, should it reasonable Xuanxie way when it accumulates to a certain extent, this is normal and natural; However, in order to bring happiness pursuit, regardless of the actual situation of the body, forcing himself sexual life or masturbation, which is the destruction of the health of their own bodies, but also to overextend their future health, especially young people, due to their sexual system is not yet fully mature, excessive and unrestrained sex life or masturbation will increase their sexual the burden on the system,california butterfly kisses easy to eventually lead to systems which appeared a variety of problems and even sexual dysfunction.

In fact, the ancients had summed up the sex life care principles – first kidney heart, it means that first sexual physiological needs before considering sex life is in harmony with nature and reasonably desirable; ancients physical body and urgent needs, but see color from the heart or greedy force themselves forced to engage in sexual activity known as congenital heart After the kidney, to engage in sexual activity contrary to conform to the natural sex life care principles, will ultimately damage the health of the body.

has a great individual differences due to the frequency of sex, how to master volume it is extremely important to ask young people to learn to adjust the frequency of their sexual activities according to their physical condition. athletic vitality, their frequency of sexual activity; For some physical condition is not ideal people, their frequency of sexual activity is correspondingly less.

adolescent friends, to learn to regulate their own time, and only learned to regulate their emotions, behavior, you can really enjoy life the good!

, masturbation defects and remedies to master

despite reasonable and appropriate masturbation is no harm to health, but because masturbation is always not the natural way long-term masturbation is likely to cause the following adverse effects:

, premature ejaculation, This is most common in hand squeeze masturbation friends. Health Network gender Tips: If the above circumstances, it is necessary to undergo a rigorous treatment method to correct the body has been formed pathological reflex, Climax, reconstruction of normal sexual physiological reflex which requires strict implementation of a set of treatment Health Network wish you good health.

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